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Sep 15, 2014

Went to my first football game (I also went to the rei garage sale and got chacos, I promise I won’t wear them to our coffee dates Georgia ๐Ÿ˜, but, prime footwear for Africa, oh, I’m so excited), but football game! Woah. It was big and very American. Blue and gold on everything and everyone. Fireworks, school pride everywhere. Dean tried to explain the rules, and we got triple down(or whatever) the hand sign, but that was probably the extent of our understanding. There were cheerleaders and hotdogs and a marching band and stoke everywhere. EVERYWHERE. We went to that tailgate at half time and sat on the tailgate of a truck and drank beer. We found an Aussie and that was super exciting. Post game was an ABC party at Riley’s, and that was also very fun, though I saw three too many penises for my liking, too many costume malfunctions for comfort! I ended up on music and one request that got me giggling was “do you know what ghetto means? I want that” hehe! I don’t go out often but I do have fun when I do mostly, so despite staying up till four and not doing much on Sunday, it was super worthwhile.

Sep 15, 2014

โ€”photoset, click meโ€”
Kinda a rollercoaster week. We got to run our print, and letterpress being a dream thing I’ve wanted to try forever, that was rad. It snowed, and I dressed like the tie dye bohemian that I am sometimes. I pushed myself too hard climbing and hurt my arms, so frustration was a big part. I cried and missed home. I also had the best sunset walk with the best furry friend out, and loved Bozeman so much for it’s ridiculous beauty.

Sep 15, 2014

We rafted the Yellowstone, my second time, last weekend, and oh it was so fun! Few beers and a touch of wine, a play in the giant, a standing wave, amazingly good cheap burgers on the way home, and cute cute cute dogs. Can I have one please world?

Sep 15, 2014

More of our ten sleep adventures, (photoset) best campground ever, cold swimming, injuries and even a bit of climbing. Let’s go back!

Sep 7, 2014 / 2 notes

So, the first week of Uni was pretty wild. Got some bouldering in. Got some classes in (too many actually, the standard art major load is 12ish credits, and a max of two studios, with internships and independent studies counting as studios. With me taking three standard 300 level 5 credit studios; letterpress, publication design and lithography, that put me at 15 credits. Taking an independent study on top of that and continuing my internship put me at 19 credits and five studio classes). ย First week down, I went to ten sleep in wyoming for the labour day weekend. You could catch me working on projects in the car (major props to abe for his laptop charger car thing), working on projects early morning, and working on projects in the rain. I got everything done for tuesday morning though, and ending week two, I’m dropping one of my classes. Sleep is a necessity, and everything doesnt add up at the moment.

Sep 7, 2014

(photoset, click me!)
Last weekend of summer - Noooot too summery, though, epic as anything. We drove out to Natural Bridge, swinging past the boiling river for a dip. Had a wee climb in the arctic rain when we got there, in the foyer, so it wasn’t toooo wet, and climbed into a hole in a cliff (yes, awesome). Partied at a cabin that night, ate venison and drank beer (thanks beer sponsorship), and then there was snow. Climbed the next day, and boy, cold. We absailed down a cliff, then got to the climbing (yes, pretty much the army) Rad times though.

Aug 22, 2014

Bus drivers in Bozeman, oh my.

One of the things that really solidified me wanting to make this blog, was a bus driver being a unexpectedly lovely and generally nice human being, to a woman who’s child wasn’t waiting at the bus stop after school. I found this very impressive, given the general attitude of bus drivers in the sphere of imagination and talked about culture, and my experience with those in Wellington. So, yesterday I was running around, going to the dentist, going to the printery, and buying things which I needed โ€” shirts for art purposes, and things I didn’t really need โ€” more active wear. I missed a bus by about five minutes, and they only come round every hour, but where I missed the bus was on a shopping center loop, where it drives past the stop I was at, on the other side of the road, five or six minutes later. I was just realising my misfortune, when the bus came back past, and the driver, the same driver, waved at me, and stopped then let me in, with a “hey! New Zealand right?!” As I gave him a very grateful “hello, thank you, yes!” Laughing reply. Also the same bus driver who went off route to drop me home when I was carrying three boxes of new snowboarding gear on a snowy January day. Opinion of the goodness of humanity, and especially bus drivers changed forvermore.

Aug 22, 2014

(Photoset) because I pretty much live in a three bedroom studio where ghosts occasionally make dishes, I do lots of drawing, which is pretty lovely. Especially when the weather high drops to something ridiculous like 18 degrees, and I’m wearing jeans and ugg boots and mainlining tea. Yeah! (Kinda excited for snow though, we were talking about it in the office and josh was saying the cold snaps always made him so stoked for winter, and I think that is a contagious attitude for sure.

Storm running, and it almost rained on me (not quite though, but I wish it had, I love wild weather). Feels so good to be getting back to the norm of doing things, despite not being as strong or fit as I was, getting outside is such a joy.
Aug 22, 2014 / 1 note

Storm running, and it almost rained on me (not quite though, but I wish it had, I love wild weather). Feels so good to be getting back to the norm of doing things, despite not being as strong or fit as I was, getting outside is such a joy.

Aug 18, 2014

(Photoset, click me!)
Two sessions of climbing since I’ve somewhat recovered, and both times i definitely found my joy and determination on a challenging in the best way, awesome kinda climb. The first time was at spire, I did a couple of easy leads, and then top roped this super twisty 10c in the corner above the entrance to the bouldering room. The best climbs always seem to be right there. Abe did one of the best catches when I fell right after a low crux, and I ended up doing the climb twice, just because I liked it so much. Abe hustled some roof climb, which was so dope. Then yesterday we went to the pass, and my new gear performed absolutely beautifully, and I again, did an easy lead, then top roped a super fun 10b, slab climb, and the trickiness just made me more determined. Definitely felt good, though I’m still just feeling pretty flat.

Aug 17, 2014 / 2 notes

This has been my biggest project all summer, so much work, so much fun. its finally finally nearly finished, and now.. it’ll be the best fridge poster ever.

Aug 17, 2014

Despite the storm of the night before, it was a gorgeous sunrise, and we drove the road to the sun, which was another one of the most stunning drives of my life. Breakfast out of the pot at the top of the world, and then I read my book and took the most disorientating nap in the car, while the guys went and skied. Road home time, and time to sleep, then miss another week of work (I went in for three and a half hours on Monday, then went home and watched once upon a time and slept for the rest of the week).

Aug 17, 2014

(Photoset, click to see)
Glacier really was so beautiful. It’s like I’m getting accustomed to living and being in the most stunning places, though you can’t be in these ones without stopping and taking a breath. First night we camped by bowman lake, backpacking out there. We found the perfect natural diving board on the way out there, a climbers balance definitely helped me! We all tarp-ed up and got a rain and lightning storm that night which was the most amazing one I’ve seen. Standing by the water watching the other end of the valley explode into forks of light. Hiked out the next day after a breakfast eaten with a rock spoon (so in tune with nature, I swear) and camped that night by a river. I was definitely still feeling unwell and only realized how much so after the trip, so I took it pretty easy and avoided the alcohol, but the guys nearly got arrested. All was well though, thanks to the nicest forest service officers, and I crashed out pretty early, to wake up to a surprise thunder and rain storm, thankfully the guys tied my tarp for me, I was trying the theory that the less you wear in your sleeping bag, the warmer you stay, and there was no chance I was getting out of my warmth.

Aug 14, 2014

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Phew โ€“ Long time, not much updating. The last time I posted was the day I started getting horribly sick. I missed two weeks of work, spent the first of those in my bed in the lounge, watching once upon a time, skyping, not eating very much, crying, reading and generally feeling very sorry for myself. I took a backpacking/camping sickness sabbatical in the middle (bad idea), then spent the next week in bed again, this time in my actual bedroom, and watched another season of once upon a time. In my recovery period in the middle, Necia found some raspberries growing above this sinking hole of mud that we call a creek, and so we’ve since gotten two harvests, which is pretty fun, and pretty delicious!

Jul 26, 2014

Summer madness

Wednesday after work I had no food. I got home from work and demolished some carrots, and some yoghurt+almonds+huckleberries (which necia donated to my empty stomach), and that was my dinner, then we went to t&C, and theres definitely a reason people say don’t go to the supermarket when you’re hungry, I spent the most, and have the most ridiculous amount of food, since living on s black. Well, at least I won’t go hungry for a long wee while. Finished off wednesday making granola, then hiking pikes hill with henry, and we got the most gorgeous sunset. Storm clouds over the Bridgers and gorgeous golden light through the trees where we were.
Thursday started out quiet, I drew some more fruit and vegetables, and went for a run (another, my second since my concussion, and i definitely felt it. Ive been super sore. Me and sarah prepped pizza ingredients, then went into town with a cooler and watched a little bit of music on main, then went to graemes to make pizza for the nat geo crew and have cocktails on the rooftop. He has the dream artists studio for in town, too fun. A rooftop on main street, so pretty. Magical evening, then the guys invited me to go climbing with them the next day. Hectic-ly little sleep, my brain decided that it definitely wasn’t necessary, then gave me dreams featuring an urban based hunger games style of awfulness; but i woke up early the next day when sarah and graeme got back to the flat and got ready for climbing suuuuper fast, then waited around for a few hours whilst they discussed things with nat geo. Finally went to town and drank sugary, iced filled, double shot coffee, then headed out to Hyalite, to magic wall, conrad anker in tow. Rad time, horrid hike up to the cliff, but the rock was super gorgeous, and it was a really fun group of people, and super cool seeing conrad climb. golden hour drive home with the sponsored 4runner, and dinner at Conrads place โ€“ Watermelon, mozzarella, baby tomato and basil salad with reduced balsamic vinegar dressing, too yummy. Bed super late, and a 6.30 wake up (thanks internal clock for that mistake) and a spillage of a massive mug of tea all through my bed. Its an eventful weekend for sure, and I’m just starting saturday.ย